The Book Cooks
Excerpts from

Joseph Jarman
(Blank Forms Editions and After: Still; Brooklyn, New York)


ODAWALLA came through the people of the Sun
into the grey haze of the ghost worlds
vanished legions, crowding bread lines- the people
of the Sun coated with green chalk
all kinds of warm light between them
destroyed for the silver queen of the ghost worlds
wild beast such as dogs gone mad and lechers-the wanderers

ODAWALLA came through the people of the Sun
to warn them of the vanished legions
and to teach them how they may increase their bounty
through the practice of the drum and silent gong
(as taught by ODAWALLA) /was realized

on seeing one another they transformed themselves into
one the hand the other the left big toe of KAW ZU PAM
(the one who creates the door through the passage on the hill of
QUAN BU KA) their purpose
to guide the people of the Sun as they sought knowledge of
the door through the grey haze.

when SEKA saw the sound of the silent gong
SEKA sought to transform itself into the right hand
of ODAWALLA where COO BE SU rested while waiting
to move into the right big toe of KAW ZU PAM
(the one who creates the door through the passage on the hill of
QUAN BU KA) their purpose
to guide the people of the Sun as they
seek to leave, seek to leave, seek to leave, seek to leave
the grey haze




only RIMUMBA remained to find the place of the
drum and silent gong
such knowledge would enable it to enter into the inner organs of

(the one who creates the door through the passage on the hill of
QUAN BU KA) their purpose
to guide the people of the SUN.                    the grey haze.

ODAWALLA vibrated the movement of CAM BE GILL O POIU
causing the silent gong to sound silent.the body whole.

the grey haze Sun People drum
Silent gong---here now
here now-between us
grey haze Sun




MUSIC.then the facts of our concern
all our loves and the life we
live in the sound of what we are light
brings us closer  the sound
vision universal to unite everyone
inout of timespace love yes strong
meat feeling a child or say lover or say
saint or say animal or say
no difference we create this world
the next we are around piece of clay
picked up in a green finger we say
anything and peace added covers
everything again walking updown
steps a ladder clouds in France
bird sound natural sound to get the people
doing the work of their human
life not out there into nothing
what we seek joy dancing freely away
the wood of the mind is movement a mask
to protect nothing not even our"
"selves"funny word used here there
their eyes turn dark with love yes
the song meat for against ALL causes
song controlled for love of it complete
shout up to heaven here we are GOD here
we are earth here we are universe
the feeling yes the songmovement ah,
love ah yes a hollering fullness
how even the trees grow – wind
rain breeze the ocean its bluegreen
light touch between the soft parts of
the sunspot books another way say
to get there where you me we are already
resting for the energy seeing
one another is as ONE word spoken silent
meaning here hold this toe any kind of
"instrument"will do they
are all the sane same no keys
to open windows hearts do that of their
own action the word little taking
pushing burning incense cold food
yanging the master teaches only to touch




SELF all things equations brain washing
the dirty ash trays as good as sound
of peeing yes off with the cover hand
out candy say here take this name it
please name it please make a word of for it
say calling only nothing LOVE
no my faces wait now cracked glass
seeing those faces faces faces faces
muse is a woman come to the river giving
away always her children apples
fruit of the earth they tell me stories
there sound voices from the beginning
Moose the poet about jazz players and tight
fat women sucking their fingers
shot thehead of a lion the forest dead
air go to air go to air sing as
flags waving in the cross of some god
not Pan nor soundmovement of "Trane"
pure energy spirit ringing an A to tune
the instrument to the instrument we
are that only not heros dead are they we
are seeking light  light light any
source will do the thing allow us to
de-part become action not seated ona
flat chair wall painted he said "black all over"
a terrible black motherfucker
dying.the vibrations mean mean mean mean
meaning yes LOVE.OM even go out there
and get them (yourselves)up against the wall
meat flesh blood there yes blood
hot fire sound the energy think of peace
the love it creates we create here
become not intellectuals nor even thinkers
only the action the movement action
wasting a-way. relief at least one million
blackwhite bodies eating not air blood
each other sorrow joy can we touch him
indian sound or EUROPE yet home way down




magic doing
in the mind light repeat light
word used rarely meaning nothing
sound is everything this reading your eyes even  suddenly
the music is so old, our playing
of it comes from moments unknown to us
we are learning to see a little
light far away we say to each other it is not
far yet each knows the other waits
there are no solos no me no you no yes no
no(know)no how many worlds."a concert
should be……………………….”
a doll him setting a BUDDHA enlightened
passing the voicecool across
noise ear encased leather saxophones theater
of blablabla commitmentsvia air
“……Bell ringing across the universe
and i joseph am among them……”makers
of rain or noise same as the peace the church
church sound holy is this the heart of the
bardcollective(ture)speaking always
the same did ya hear that did ya hear that did ya?
question not nature listening
painting ofa group a flowers the poet
simple minded using BIG shoe cherries
match the fire burns energy is all there
"is all there ever was"no more the
matter bass at the bottom dancing gongs
boom liver taking a bowel movement to
say song  again same heart peace not
causing holding still wanting nothing




our need breath breath breath breath
breath breath breath breathbreath breath
what anything can do the critic an orange
see how it peels now big eating the
factor involved normal flowing senses freaked
alas to freedom image word for lockedup
in myself rollerskates glass pop
zom thinking this is the way home to know
when to say what x-men
wanting food water to keep from the fucking
dope death given he made
dot s  for love given "in return" bullshit
they call we say OM each time is GOD
all things get the point the message
not here is sound the feeling of sleep a
childs voice "come eat come eat"and we will
not hear ourselves to many longing
liking that take that no sun SUN
SUN NUS(national unit silly-nession)home
a monk so what fly dong  small  the heart
big as all life the same we hope pray
even for your love please the spirit what
is given the meat of the feeling within
without each other goddamn music power
mighty one ALL gone to ground under the strong
shout from time long ago no word only action
doing the thing happening ya we want
you.see this way plain truth ah word used too
much stop use action stop use meat
get rid of ego get going to ego also
now right track no use use working together
come up breathing for love helping each
other the men - women among us to live
freely how to make a world –detachment
now finally the revolution music
of love so help yourself the vanguard
comes home to you the light music power
to you then
ALL my people





Non-cognitive aspects of the City
where Roy J's prophecies become
the causes of children

once quiet black blocks of stone
encasements/of regularity

sweet now
intellectual dada
of vain landscapes
the city

long history
the heath valueless in its norm
now/gravestone or gingercakes
the frail feel of winter's wanting
crying to leaves they wander
seeing the capital vision
new word out of the twenties of chaos
returned in the suntan jar
fruits of education/with others

non-cognitive - these motions
embracing sidewalk heroes
the city           each his own
where no one is more alone than any other
moan, it's the hip plea for see me, see me, i exist
exit the tenderness for power/black or white
no difference now/the power/city





Could  have  spirits  among  stones
uppity  the  force  of  becoming

what  art  was  made  to  return
the  vainness  of  our  pipes,  smoking
near  fountains,  the  church  pronouncing
the  hell/  of  where  we  are

Could have spirits among stones
uppity the force of becoming
what art was made to return
the vainness of our pipes, smoking
near fountains, the church pronouncing
the hell/of where we are

the hell
of where we are






quiet city
wanting each to stop the/pain
it must be done - expresso
old fashioned sheet about boy thighs
war-their homeliness
common tools
the knife and gun
castration in store
the tarred spotlight against
what hope we have

these elements of how
no more

shall it be better
the passion of other saints
shall poison drinking hoodlum talk

to describe the callousness
of these penny fares
among/my friends they say they are
the hair torches
eggs for these deaths
internal zones of where they go
where they-come from
(in the language of the street)
these states on planes
farout as what these lives become
final last work there
spots for treason
last word





© 1974 Joseph Jarman. Special thanks to Thulani Davis.


Blank Forms Editions

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